The EAC serves a population of over 20,000 living in the rural Takaungu/Mavuni location of the Kilifi District of Kenya. 67% of residents in Kilifi District are considered to be living in absolute poverty. 

Our goal since 2010 has been to create a sustainable organization that is locally owned and operated by 2015. To this end, we are taking the below actions in each area of operation:


Health Services


The Takaungu Community Unit, a 50-person Community Health Team, was launched in partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Health in the Kilifi District who we have also partnered with to open a new clinic in Mavueni, a sublocation of Takaungu. We now are in 100% partnership, and in support of, the local Health services making them more robust and widespread. 




We completed construction of the final classroom at Vutakaka Junior School so that students could begin Class 8 in 2012. Class 8 marks the final year of the Kenyan primary school system, and this class will be the first to graduate from Vutakaka Junior School, a major achievement for the EAC and its students. In 2013, we are building an office for the teachers and staff where private meetings can take place and work can be done with shelter from the elements. By 2015, we will build three classrooms and move the Pre-School classes to the Junior School site. 



A complete working farm that provides lunch for the students enabling the school to be more self-sufficient in the face of economic crisis. In October 2012, we purchased chickens that are being managed by the Community Health Unit as an income generating source for the continuation of their work. 



We are building private partnerships with local companies such as Mombasa Cement to foster cooperative responsibility and will hire and train a local Program Director in 2013.