Since 2001, the EAC has been providing life changing education and life saving medical care to tens of thousands of individuals living in Eastern Kenya. We go beyond simply delivering services. We partner with the local community by empowering women and children to make a difference in their own lives, while also ensuring access to vital health and educational resources and tools for lasting change.

Programs are tailored specifically to meet the local community’s needs and are guided every step of the way by input from the community. Based in Takaungu, Kenya the EAC acts as a facilitator between community members and donors, a best development best practice that has proven successful for us over many years.  Our primary approaches are to:

  • Meet the stated needs of the community

  • Partner with and build the capacity of local government rather than create parallel services

  • Facilitate access to resources for true empowerment

  • Create sustainable programs




The EAC is a registered U.S. non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status, and is governed by an elected board of directors and with leadership from our Executive Director and Board President.

In Kenya, our activities are carried out through the Vutakaka Community Center where we provide adult and child education, health education and information, and poverty eradication programs. Our school activities are influenced by a parent-teacher board and a local Board of Directors.

Our activities in the United States are focused on educating the public on the problems and opportunities facing women and children in East Africa, fundraising to support our work, and providing Americans and those from other countries with a way to get involved through volunteering in the U.S. and in Kenya. We see ourselves as a link between those in higher and lower income countries, and a vehicle for transferring much needed resources and eradicating poverty. It is our hope that through helping others become empowered, we will connect with our greater humanity, and all of our lives will be enriched in the process.


Financial and Program Reports



The EAC conducts our operations with absolute fiscal and programmatic   transparency.  This commitment to transparency ultimately allows us to   more effectively build local capacity in Kenya and operate our programs with full community participation. With an annual operating budget of less than $80,000 (USD), we focus on providing the best services and programs to enable individuals in Takaungu fair access to health-care and better educational opportunities. We constantly re-evaluate the efficiency of our services to ensure that every dollar spent has the best possible impact. We are proud that for every dollar donated to the EAC, 85 cents is dedicated solely to programming. (up from 75 cents in 2012)

In this challenging economic environment, we understand the importance and power of complete transparency in a non-profit organization. Reporting our financials to both our donors and the Takaungu community provides two-way accountability that fosters an environment of honesty and efficiency. Please feel free to review our financials below. 

  • The East African Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children (EAC) is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt public charity. We have had 501(c)3 status since January 2002. All donations to the EAC are tax deductible. Our Federal Identification Number is 91-2161222.


  • The EAC is a proud member of the USCombined Federal Campaign's Aid for Africa group. Aid for Africa is a unique partnership of more than 75 select charities, all dedicated to solving the complex, inter-related challenges facing Africa. As a member, the EAC has met stringent tests of fiscal accountability,  governance and programmatic impact and each year conducts a full audit both of our operations in the United States and Kenya.


  • High Fundraising Efficiency - The EAC spends $.08 on fundraising to raise $1.00


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Annual Services Statistics

With an annual operating budget of less than $80,000, you can see how much we are able to do with so little. By cutting costs we don't feel justifiable or necessary (such as hiring foreign consultants when local individuals are just as capable as providing input or throwing lavish events, costing tens of thousands of dollars) but have become common practice in the business of development, we focus solely on providing the best services and programs to enable individuals in this area to overcome the odds that have been stacked against them.


If you would like any further financial information, please contact Jen Hill, Executive Director, at