Back to School Sponsorship Drive Aug 15 - Sept 15, 2016

Friends of the East African Center,

When we asked the Takaungu community how we could best help them, they asked us to start a school.

That's because education changes lives. It fosters peace, increases household income, reduces the prevalence of child marriage and HIV/AIDS, helps prevent the marginalization of women, and more.

As an organization focused on creating a framework for future success, we at the EAC strive to make education high quality and available to all. This is where we need your help. This month, we are hosting our annual Back to School Student Sponsorship drive. Student sponsorships account for over 25% of our operating budget.

By September 17th, we will have 30 new student sponsors, if we reach our goal of one sponsor a day.

Our Vutakaka Junior School in Takaungu, Kenya opened in 2004. Our teachers are highly qualified local community members, and our students consistently rank the highest in their district. Vutukaka plays an instrumental role in our students' future lives by preparing them for high school entrance exams, bringing them closer to opportunities around the country.

Of course, running a school carries significant costs that many students could not afford without our donors. Your sponsorship enables us to keep educating children that would otherwise not have the opportunity. Just $30 a month or $325 a year helps a student succeed at Vutakaka and beyond. You can make the difference.

With gratitude, 
Jen Hill

Posted on August 17, 2016 .