Sacramento High School Students for Kenya

As a part of the project-based learning at New Technology High School in Sacramento, 90 students broke in to small groups and developed their own projects based on the needs of the Takaungu community. Some of the groups sold items from the Sewing Cooperative while others educated local Junior High School Students about health in Kenya. There were bake sales and online fundraisers. In the end, they raised nearly $1,000 for the East African Center. 

Students Nick Johnson, Trevor McKenzie, Nicky Rahman, Brandy Ramos, and Maliyah Renteria produced a fantastic, high-quality video that provides both awareness about the need in Kenya and support for the East African Center's work. We are impressed and inspired by their work. 



Thank you to their aMaZInG teacher team of Peter Newman and Christine Baker for their leadership and guidance. We all learned and grew from this project. 

Posted on February 26, 2014 .