Become an Advocate on #GivingTuesday

Donations made on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 will be matched by our generous partners Network for Good. Thank you for your attention to our message and support of our campaign.


We are excited to announce that after 14 years we are closer to realizing our goal of becoming a self-sustaining organization. Five years ago, the East African Center (“EAC”) laid out a vision of transitioning to an organization run by Kenyans for Kenyans. While the EAC will always be fully accountable to the Takaungu community, its Board of Directors and donors feel it is essential for the EAC’s long-term success for its daily operations to be overseen by Kenyan staff. This vision is now becoming a reality!

In 2015, Kate Crowley, our Kenya Program Director, will transition from her current role to an EAC Board  Member. Over the past 7 years, Kate has guided the EAC’s operations in Kenya with a steady hand, implementing efficient and proven programming and practices.  As our Kenyan staff and Parent & Teachers' Association takes over operations of the Vutakaka Sschool, we are confident that Kate has laid out a path for continued success!

The EAC has made amazing progress. Since the initial team cleared the tall grass at the site that would become the Vutakaka School, we have built a new classroom every year, secured secondary schooling for our graduating students, started a farm to grow healthy food for lunch for our 300+ students, and are currently completing our brand new computer lab, The Harmony Resource Center. The lab will be outfitted with 15 desktop computerss and an office for our teachers to use for meetings and lesson planning. This progress and programming is possible due to the immense support of donors like you, and we thank you for partnering with the EAC to make a difference in education and health.

While our yearly student sponsorships are the roots that make up the Bobab tree of the EAC, we are looking to expand our fundraising to ensure the EAC’s continued success for years to come. We are introducing  four new levels of sponsorship to build lasting partnerships below:

  • Vutakaka Advocate - $10,000+ annually

  • Vutakaka Ally - $5,000 annually

  • Neighbor of Vutakaka - $2,500 annually

  • Friend of Vutakaka - $1,000 annually

Though our operating budget is small relative to our impact (averaging approximately $100,000 annually), we aim to boost general contributions to help us continue to meet the high level of education and community health outreach that has proved so valuable to the Takaungu community.

We urge you to accept the challenge of one of these new levels of sponsorship and help us spread the word about the EAC. Powerful testimonials from donors like you are the EAC’s best avenue to grow our community of supporters.  Please, share this letter with your friends and family, and reach out to your employer or colleagues to see if they will match your donations so that together we can ensure the brightest future for the EAC.

To sponsor the EAC, you can send a check made payable to "EAC" to PO Box 1590, New York, NY 10276, donate online at www.eastafricancenter.org,  or by calling Executive Director Jen Hill at 919-864-0293.

Asante Sana,

Posted on December 1, 2014 .