Our students

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We are thrilled with the progress our students are making and know that through our school these children have a real chance at continuing on to quality secondary and tertiary programs. Unfortunately, with more than 100 students in a single class, the same cannot be said for students attending many other nearby schools. Vutakaka School is truly exceptional as it provides textbooks to each child, offers laptops to each child in the upper grades, provides opportunities for continuing education to its teachers, and has a complete stock of manipulatives and other necessary school supplies on hand at all times. It has been proven that when girls are educated they marry later, have fewer children and their incomes rise. Their general nutrition and health improves, and the chance they will contract HIV is reduced.

We are proud that our school is not only increasing the opportunity for education, but providing the highest quality education available in our area. The EAC is confident that given the opportunity, these children, boys and girls, will be agents of change in their communities for generations to come

Sponsor a student today to make a difference that lasts for generations to come. 


Posted on May 28, 2013 .