No Show Event

Help us raise $10,000 by  donating $5,000 by April 23rd, 2016

It’s a Saturday evening. Wouldn’t you like to spend it with friends or at home, but still manage to help an amazing cause at the same time!? Then we invite you to participate in our No Show Event on April 23rd. At this non-event, the EAC will not rent a venue; we will not set up a projector or hang lights; we will not prepare speeches…

Instead, the EAC welcomes you to follow along as we share updates on our Facebook page of funds raised, how that translates to impact on the ground, and maybe share a few fun facts about team EAC.

So, please do not DRESS UP! Do not HIRE A BABYSITTER! Do not LEAVE YOUR COUCH! Please DO purchase a ticket or make a donation in lieu of going out on the town Saturday, April 23rd. 100% of every donation goes directly to quality education and health programs in rural Kenya.

We have a generous matching donor who will match every dollar donated to this non-event up to $5,000! By “attending” our No Show Event, you will enjoy your night on your terms, but still give back at the same time!

Purchase your "tickets" and donate today.

We look forward to not seeing you on April 23rd and we thank you for your continued support. Asante Sana.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this non-invitation with friends and family. This may be a non-event, but you can still make a BIG impact.

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Celebrate Kenya | NYC | Dec 10, 2015

Holiday Party & Silent Auction to benefit East African Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children.

Open to the public, free entrance, food, and beverage.

Silent auction items from Kenya and the US, including a week stay at a condo in Florida, a fishing trip, jewelry, pieces by well-known artists, and items from high-end ethical fashion lines.

Kenyan Program Director, Kate Crowley, will be in attendance as well as Executive Director, Jen Hill.

Special guest Brenna Britton will have photography from her recent trip to Kenya on display.

Music by DJ Resy and Candy.

Sponsored by Harmony Vineyards and Lagunitas Brewing.


If you can not join us, please donate to support the important work being done. Our goal is to raise $10,000 this evening. That will get us through the first two months of 2016. Join us! 

Posted on November 24, 2015 .

Annual Student Sponsorship Campaign


60 Students in 30 Days

2nd Annual Student Sponsorship Drive


We know the value of education goes well beyond the classroom. A more educated individual is a more fulfilled individual with the confidence to make better choices for their family and community. Studies show that a solid education helps to build awareness of individual rights, the law and each person's responsibilities to their community. Indeed, an educated world is a more peaceful world.

Sign up today and be a part of our "60 Students in 30 Days Campaign". Sponsoring a student is easy. You can choose between an annual donation of $285 to cover the entire school year or schedule a monthly reoccurring donation of only $24.

1. Sign up | 2. Get matched | 3. Receive email with electronic photo | 4. Check your mail | 5. Follow the progress of one student

How does sponsorship work? Can I communicate with my student? These questions and more answered on the East African Center's webpage FAQs webpage.



"Yussaf has the best smile. In his photos and in his writings. And, watching his sense of humor and outlook on life grow through the years has been amazing. Being a sponsor feels a little selfish sometimes, because of the joy this small gift brings to me. Yussaf loves soccer and reading and prides himself on being punctual - thank you EAC for giving Yussaf a platform for his opinions and dreams."

North Carolina

"We sponsor students through the EAC program because I believe that education is the foundation for building stronger communities and countries. "


New York

"I have worked in schools for most of my career, so I know how important education is for putting children on a path for success. I also know that in many parts of the world, children especially girls, don't have the same educational opportunities we have here in the US. I support the EAC because I believe every child deserves a chance to succeed at school and the EAC makes high quality education available in a chronically under served rural area. It makes me feel really good to know that for under $300 per year I can make a lasting impact on a student in Kenya. The EAC may be a small organization, but their impact is huge!"

Posted on August 26, 2015 .

Darien for Kenya II

You are invited.             Save the date, share with your friends, give from the heart.

What: Our 2nd annual social event 
hosted by the East African Center Board of Directors

When: Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015  | 6 - 9pm

Where: Darien Social10 Center St, Darien, Connecticut 06820 
(an hour outside the city on the North-Metro Railroad & just across the street from the train station!)

Our Board is providing the drinks and appetizers, our Kenya Program Director Kate Crowley will brief you on our work in Kenya and you can enjoy being a part of a global community. 

Not able to come? You can still be a part of the night's success and donate by clicking the big orange button below. 

Going? Join the invite on Facebook and invite your friends! 

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Become an Advocate on #GivingTuesday

Donations made on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 will be matched by our generous partners Network for Good. Thank you for your attention to our message and support of our campaign.


We are excited to announce that after 14 years we are closer to realizing our goal of becoming a self-sustaining organization. Five years ago, the East African Center (“EAC”) laid out a vision of transitioning to an organization run by Kenyans for Kenyans. While the EAC will always be fully accountable to the Takaungu community, its Board of Directors and donors feel it is essential for the EAC’s long-term success for its daily operations to be overseen by Kenyan staff. This vision is now becoming a reality!

In 2015, Kate Crowley, our Kenya Program Director, will transition from her current role to an EAC Board  Member. Over the past 7 years, Kate has guided the EAC’s operations in Kenya with a steady hand, implementing efficient and proven programming and practices.  As our Kenyan staff and Parent & Teachers' Association takes over operations of the Vutakaka Sschool, we are confident that Kate has laid out a path for continued success!

The EAC has made amazing progress. Since the initial team cleared the tall grass at the site that would become the Vutakaka School, we have built a new classroom every year, secured secondary schooling for our graduating students, started a farm to grow healthy food for lunch for our 300+ students, and are currently completing our brand new computer lab, The Harmony Resource Center. The lab will be outfitted with 15 desktop computerss and an office for our teachers to use for meetings and lesson planning. This progress and programming is possible due to the immense support of donors like you, and we thank you for partnering with the EAC to make a difference in education and health.

While our yearly student sponsorships are the roots that make up the Bobab tree of the EAC, we are looking to expand our fundraising to ensure the EAC’s continued success for years to come. We are introducing  four new levels of sponsorship to build lasting partnerships below:

  • Vutakaka Advocate - $10,000+ annually

  • Vutakaka Ally - $5,000 annually

  • Neighbor of Vutakaka - $2,500 annually

  • Friend of Vutakaka - $1,000 annually

Though our operating budget is small relative to our impact (averaging approximately $100,000 annually), we aim to boost general contributions to help us continue to meet the high level of education and community health outreach that has proved so valuable to the Takaungu community.

We urge you to accept the challenge of one of these new levels of sponsorship and help us spread the word about the EAC. Powerful testimonials from donors like you are the EAC’s best avenue to grow our community of supporters.  Please, share this letter with your friends and family, and reach out to your employer or colleagues to see if they will match your donations so that together we can ensure the brightest future for the EAC.

To sponsor the EAC, you can send a check made payable to "EAC" to PO Box 1590, New York, NY 10276, donate online at,  or by calling Executive Director Jen Hill at 919-864-0293.

Asante Sana,

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2013 Annual Report Launched

Who does a Prezi for their annual report? We do! Enjoy our year 2013 in a beautiful visual format and join us in doing more with less in 2014. (55% less than in 2011).

Posted on April 24, 2014 .

Sacramento High School Students for Kenya

As a part of the project-based learning at New Technology High School in Sacramento, 90 students broke in to small groups and developed their own projects based on the needs of the Takaungu community. Some of the groups sold items from the Sewing Cooperative while others educated local Junior High School Students about health in Kenya. There were bake sales and online fundraisers. In the end, they raised nearly $1,000 for the East African Center. 

Students Nick Johnson, Trevor McKenzie, Nicky Rahman, Brandy Ramos, and Maliyah Renteria produced a fantastic, high-quality video that provides both awareness about the need in Kenya and support for the East African Center's work. We are impressed and inspired by their work. 



Thank you to their aMaZInG teacher team of Peter Newman and Christine Baker for their leadership and guidance. We all learned and grew from this project. 

Posted on February 26, 2014 .

Now funded resource center has broken ground

With 5 days to go, and a major donation from Harmony Vineyards & Art Gallery, we reached our financial goal for the resource center and teacher's office! 

Here is how you can get us 100% of the way there. Help us find 7 more student sponsors. 

Tomorrow is International Day of the Girl and we are celebrating by spotlighting some of the girls at Vutakaka Junior School. This is your chance to support their education.


Posted on October 10, 2013 .

Back to school

It is back to school time and we invite you to join us in building an office for the teachers at Vutakaka Junior School in Takaungu. Until now, teachers have managed to grade papers, hold meetings, and tutor students under a pop-up tent. After ten years, they deserve a space that matches the quality of their work and will allow them to be the best teachers they can be.  

Watch our video, donate what you can, share it with your friends, and follow along with the progress. CLICK HERE

Thank you for the difference you make for the students AND teachers in Kenya.

Posted on September 3, 2013 .

2012 Annual Report

2012 was a milestone year for the East African Center as our first class of 8th graders graduated from our Junior School. Our report details the progress we made and the challenges we face.  

Click image of Annual Report to read file

Click image of Annual Report to read file

Posted on May 30, 2013 .

In your words...

"It’s truly incredible to see how this organization has grown all the while maintaining its
high ethical standards. Finances are used efficiently and accountably, and the EAC works
in true participatory partnership with the Takaungu community. You get the sense, when
visiting the EAC, that not only is the organization 100% dedicated to the people of
Takaungu and its surrounding areas, but that the community is also dedicated to the
organization. I think that the EAC gives the community a sense of pride.

Katherine C. Spencer and the Broadwaters Foundation

KG1 (2).JPG
Posted on May 30, 2013 .

"Will you sign my yearbook?"

North Canton, Ohio's Hoover High School Yearbook Club students designed and published a yearbook for Vutakaka Junior School's 8th grade class in 2012. The books are beautiful and commemorate an important year for these students and our school as they are the first graduating 8th grade class. We are proud to report that 100% of the students went on to high school and that we assisted in placing them in quality schools and supporting those who needed it ourselves or by matching them with student sponsors.  You can view each page in our photo album.

Posted on May 29, 2013 .

Our students

Class 8 girls hang out outside.JPG

We are thrilled with the progress our students are making and know that through our school these children have a real chance at continuing on to quality secondary and tertiary programs. Unfortunately, with more than 100 students in a single class, the same cannot be said for students attending many other nearby schools. Vutakaka School is truly exceptional as it provides textbooks to each child, offers laptops to each child in the upper grades, provides opportunities for continuing education to its teachers, and has a complete stock of manipulatives and other necessary school supplies on hand at all times. It has been proven that when girls are educated they marry later, have fewer children and their incomes rise. Their general nutrition and health improves, and the chance they will contract HIV is reduced.

We are proud that our school is not only increasing the opportunity for education, but providing the highest quality education available in our area. The EAC is confident that given the opportunity, these children, boys and girls, will be agents of change in their communities for generations to come

Sponsor a student today to make a difference that lasts for generations to come. 


Posted on May 28, 2013 .

Girls Education Fund


We are a proud member of Aid for Africa and are honored to be a part of the Girl's Education Fund which is a special program whose focus is not on talk, research, or meetings. It is on getting girls into school and supporting them throughout their education. In this video, you can see a number of our students.

Aid for Africa is a unique partnership of some 80 select charities, all dedicated to solving the complex, inter-related challenges facing Africa. Organizations wishing to become part of the Aid for Africa partnership must meet stringent tests of fiscal accountability, governance and programmatic impact.



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